The Watchers Book 1: In the Valleys of the Earth


LGBTQ: When his archeological dig is attacked by armed raiders, Xenoarcheologist Dr. Alec Coimhead grabs an ancient tablet that induces a vision of an emerald-eyed, winged angel battling demons. He awakens to find that he and his best friend Dr. Clementine Armistead have been saved from the attack by a group called The Praesidium. They are placed under the brooding and watchful eye of a guard named Rafe, whom Alec finds very attractive. Alec and Clementine return to the site, are attacked again, and rescued by the hunky Praesidium guard. Alec’s and Rafe’s attraction is instant and hard to deny. But due to dangerous circumstances and many secrets, their feelings for each other may be a battle neither can win.


"In the Valleys of the Earth" is a fantastical adventure abounding with romance and lore. The archaic references provide an interesting twist to the trope of the fight between good and evil. Characters exhibit intelligence, heroics, and bits of humor. The sexual tension is sensuously graphic, while romantic feelings are refreshingly heartfelt. The likeable secondary characters are well-developed. The villains have a nefarious plot to bring about the end of the world or to have dominion over the world, it's not quite clear. The pace drags in some spots due to biblical background given in lectures by Alec and others. There are a few intriguing and mysterious characters sprinkled throughout the tale with secret agendas readers will be left to guess about. R. R. Pearl delivers a complex story wrapped around a dangerous scavenger hunt for ancient artifacts with a romantic relationship between two brave men who may be soulmates, or star-crossed lovers. Intriguing and entertaining!


Tonya Mathenia