The Warrior's Progeny (The Heaven and Earth Series Book 2)


Colton Stone, a professional football player, vows to make some changes in his life as he settles in with his new team, the Seattle Warriors. Widowed pediatric heart surgeon, Lily Morgan, has enough on her plate raising two children without adding a rough-around-the-edges sports player into her life. While the attraction burns between them, neither is ready for it. Lily has yet to let go of the memory of her husband, and Colton has never committed to anything beyond the football field. But forces beyond them are at work. As descendants of the Greek gods, their fate has been written. Can these two very different souls find common ground, or will the monsters of Tartarus be unleashed?

"The Warrior's Progeny" is an intense, page-turning adventure that weaves a hot contemporary romance with spell-binding Greek mythology! The story begins with a prologue in the land of the gods, and readers may find it challenging to keep track of the relationships and stakes. Twelve descendants of the gods and goddesses must be brought together and united to save their deity ancestors. Colton and Lilly are the second pair in this second book of the series. While the romance is the main focus of the story, a subplot occurs with characters from the first book (Dee is a hoot!) as they try to work out what is happening and what they need to do to save the gods. The main characters experience dreams in which Greek mythology is richly woven in, keeping the modern romance tethered to the past. "The Warrior's Progeny" is a thrilling ride that will have readers clamoring for the next installment!

Tricia Hill