The Warrior King (Inferno Rising, Book 3)


Meira is one of the phoenixes who wants revenge against King Pytheios, who murdered their parents. She is the quiet and withdrawn type who prefers computers over dealing with people and their emotions. She does not believe in soulmates or true love, and offers to be the queen to their ally, dragon shifter King Gorgon of the Black Clan. Samael has worked extremely hard to become one of the fiercest warriors of the Black Clan and has pledged his life to King Gorgon. One look at Meira’s reflection through a mirror, and Samael falls hard. When an accident destroys the king, Samael is torn between loyalty to his clan, and following his heart.

“The Warrior King” is a fantastical tale filled with a lot of magic that will take the reader on a wild journey as Meira and Samael work to figure out what happened to King Gorgon. The story immediately draws one in and will not let go! There is constant action and fighting throughout, keeping the pace fast. Meira and Samael question their loyalty to the King Gorgon along the way, as both fight their feelings for one another. Samael’s love and loyalty to King Gorgon was felt strongly throughout the story. The chemistry is extraordinarily strong between the pair and will leave readers using their e-readers as fans. This is Book 3 in the Inferno Rising Series and can be read as a standalone, but one would benefit from reading all the books in order as to follow from the beginning and learn more about the characters. “The Warrior King” is a must read for lovers of steamy paranormal tales!

Victoria Zumbrum