Void of Course (Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams #1)

Carole Ann

While growing up in Puerto Rico with her grandmother had its advantages, Taina could never shake the soot-covered memory of losing her entire family to the flames of an unsolved arson in the paranormal infested Bronx area of New York. Now Taina is back with a mission to figure out exactly what happened to her family. As a new witch, Taina isn’t completely defenseless, but in this city, her underdeveloped powers make her a target in the war-torn streets. Arnaldo is a powerful witch who desperately wants to help as many people in this crumbling city as he can. When his ex asks him to take care of her new ex, Taina, and teach her some more witch tricks, he can’t say no. Developing feelings and becoming detrimental to the war, however, wasn’t part of anyone’s plan.

A dazzling fantasy adventure that is sure to conjure a good time. The story’s romance plays out in a subtle way that allows the reader to feel things develop naturally and keeps the relationship between the characters from overshadowing the fantasy. Both Taina and Arnaldo can’t seem to help but get sucked into assisting the people who live and struggle in the city in unique ways that give each character distinction. That being said, the plot’s timelines are a little confusing when it’s mentioned that time has passed, but not how much. The world is beautifully written and gives the reader a feel of an almost magical apocalyptic atmosphere that is very unique. With more attention to timelines, and some greater detail to editing, this book will be a must-have on every shelf.

Annalee Stilove