Vengeful Spirits – Spirit Voices, Book 3


Nathan Gordon arrives at his security job on a ranch plagued by animal mutilations and missing cowhands to find his client embroiled in a tussle with his foreman who’s adamant that Nathan, his partner and the ranch boss shouldn’t stay on the property. After spending a harrowing night on the ranch, the three men are rescued and delivered to the neighboring ranch in time to celebrate a wedding where Nathan meets the woman of his dreams and her grandfather. Bright Flower, a beautiful Navajo Princess and powerful shaman is encouraged to marry Nathan in a traditional ceremony before embarking on a quest to banish vengeful spirits from the cursed lands of the ranch. With a team of warriors and shamans, the newlyweds set out to cleanse the property and hopefully start the life they’ve dreamed about.

The spooky tale told in "Vengeful Spirits" is one of good versus evil magic with honorable characters! The malevolence the characters face has enough legendary mojo to give readers goose bumps! Unfortunately, due to an absence of back story, this installment of Spirit Voices cannot be read as a standalone book. Readers are dropped into tale with no sense of place or character origins. Starting with conflict and leading into a stormy, nightmarish night; it also imparts ancient traditions mixed with modern brutality. The spirited passion of the love story is the stuff dreams are made of. The vivid clarity of the landscape ensures readers will feel the chill of the night and taste the dust blowing in the wind. Ms. Wolters delivers a modern gothic tale of inspirational dreams and hair-raising wickedness combined with tribal mysticism, vengeance, retribution, and destiny.

Tonya Mathenia