A Vampire’s Spell (The Order of the Black Oak - Vampires #1)


Valerian St-Amand is a centuries-old vampire on an altruistic mission to help new vampires adapt and survive. Maisie Thibodeau is a powerful witch sent by her coven to rein in one of Valerian’s more precocious immortals. When the vampire she is tasked with controlling is viciously attacked, Maisie quickly assumes the role of protector. Whoever is hunting Montreal’s pureblood undead is in for more than they bargained for when Val and Maisie team up. But in order for this powerful duo to reach their true mated potential, one must risk insanity, and the other must give up everything.

Though this is the first book in this series, it is presumed that the backstory alludes to past events in a companion series. Readers don’t necessarily need to read the other series first, but it may offer clarification for the many societal titles. Marie-Claude Bourque’s protagonist, Maisie, is well-developed, tenacious, and easy to like. Her neuro-diversity offers lots of fresh possibilities. Unfortunately, the reader is only told of Maisie’s non-neurotypical traits, not shown them. The other characters have less depth and sometimes edge into stereotypes. Rough editing and missing words require a bit of extra work on the part of the reader. Despite those pitfalls, readers may become involved in the carefully drawn out social structures of Ms. Bourque’s world-building and invested in the characters. The happily-ever-after is satisfying and the epilogue promises more adventure.

Starling Gray