A Vampire’s Midlife Crisis (Misfits of New Orleans Book 1)

Sabrina Davis is a fifty-three-year-old divorcée with an adult daughter, her own coffee and bakery shop, and hot flashes. She thinks menopause is the greatest of her tribulations, until she awakens to discover that she has been turned into a vampire! Her daughter is cool with it, Sabrina’s hair and physique have never been better, and vampires are immortal, so why is she still suffering from those hot flashes and panic attacks? Christoph Dracula, the King of the New Orleans coven, can “cure” her, but he demands repayment in the form of Sabrina parlaying her business acumen into renovating his new paranormal bed-and-breakfast. Said establishment, Fangri-La, is home to a retired reaper, a cute hell hound, a clumsy succubus, and an unpredictable, fire-belching purple dragon. Imagine the fun when Sabrina inserts her own brand of sass into the mix!
One would guess by the title that “A Vampire’s Midlife Crisis” is campy and irreverent. One would be correct. Sabrina’s inner voice is sarcastic, scrappy, and yet endearingly vulnerable as a woman who has long fought to care for herself and her child. Her new job may be to fix up a dilapidated former plantation mansion, but Sabrina’s natural nurturing promises more - the rehabilitation of the misfit souls that are sheltered there. Devilishly sexy Christoph is smitten and turns his seductive, but protective focus, on Sabrina. Her menopausal dilemma not yet resolved; he somehow makes her hot flashes even hotter! For readers looking for the sweetness of a caramel drizzle with their steamy, hot café latte indulgence, this sexy vampire rom-com will not disappoint!
Joan Lai