The Untouched - The Unseen Series, Book 2


Contract document manager Julia lives a nomadic lifestyle allowing her to hide a powerful secret that leaves her literally untouchable! Local "whiz kid" Nathaniel has always lived in El Luger, CA, where he works with some nerdy geniuses on a world-changing project. If successful, the project becomes a crucial component in his custody fight for his younger brother. Desperately needing someone to manage paperwork reporting for project customers, it’s a stroke of luck Julia’s in between assignments and hopefully willing to join his team. Working together and quietly crushing on each other, it doesn't take long for their feelings to ignite. Inquiring minds will wonder if secrets, a misfiring project, and an unknown nemesis will separate them and torch Nathaniel’s custody campaign. Or will they detonate their explosive passion and step into the fiery ring of love?

Spotlighting everyone's need for acceptance and connection, "The Untouched" is an intriguing and romantic tale with a dazzling sci-fi twist! Relatable characters searching for a sense of belonging, Julia and Nathaniel will soar off the page into the hearts and minds of readers. Their incandescent chemistry is exquisitely touching and surprisingly sexy. Readers will find the entourage of quirky nerdy scientists on Nathaniel’s team, the elusive nature of Julia's online pen pal, and Nathaniel's smart-mouthed younger brother Lincoln are essential secondary players in this dynamic and fantastical plot. The dark nemesis of an abusive and powerful father makes it easy for readers to whole-heartedly hate him as the villain. Ms. Sheldon's suspenseful, standalone, second installment to her Unseen series is a bright, heroic tale of the power of love to slay secrets and crush mountains!

Tonya Mathenia