The Ugly Stepsister

Van Dyke
Once, Anna was deemed the wicked stepsister of Cinderella. In truth, she was the victim of Cinderella’s cruel bullying. When the guards came for her, her sister and mother, Anna was the only one who got away. Her sister and mother are forced to work in a factory as punishment for their supposed “cruelty” to queen, Cinderella. Seeing the injustice of this, Anna decides to break them out. By disguising herself as a man named Ansel, she finds the perfect way to get in and out undetected—until she meets Will. A former huntsman for the royal family, Will has been cast out by Cinderella for daring to question her authority. When the king and prince are found murdered, Will flees the palace to look for answers. Upon meeting Ansel, Will is drawn to the strange young man. Together, they concoct a plan for revenge. But Ansel’s secret identity could ruin the whole thing.
Ms. Van Dyke has created a magically mysterious retelling of an old classic, and it turns the fairytale upside down! Unique and fast paced, “The Ugly Stepsister” takes the tale of “Cinderella” and shifts it to the perspective of stepsister Anna. Her chemistry with Will is instant and strong. Some readers might not like the instant love trope, but Ms. Van Dyke does it well. The world she’s created is vivid and intense, instantly getting readers lost within it! A few elements are repeated throughout and that can stall the progression some. Overall, it’s a quick and fun read, full of magic and intrigue, as well as gripping characters! This is a great read for lovers of romance and twisted fairytales!
Chelsea Andersen