Titanian’s Phoenix


Maya Brown does not believe in magic… then she and her godmother are kidnapped by elves! Her true heritage revealed, Maya isn’t quite sure what to do when she is freed by an unseen force. There’s no way she can just return to normal. Her godmother begs her to seek out the aid of a man named Soren. When she sees him, she throws caution to the wind and lets him into her life. Soren Westerberg is a Titanian Enforcer assigned to New York City. He never thought he’d find his one true mate, and then Maya walks into his life and proves she exists. Soren will do everything he can to protect her, and as her power grows within her, she is going to need a lot of protecting.

Ms. Saccenti has built a world that captivates its readers from start to finish in this paranormal romance! Shifters, fae, elves, and other familiar magical creatures all weave seamlessly into a modern world. Maya and Soren have an instant connection that is pretty typical for the genre, and their relationship sizzles from start to finish. While Maya could have a bit more agency for her actions, Soren is quite the hero! “Titanian’s Phoenix” does fall into a number of genre tropes that are common, but they are written well with enough twists to keep readers guessing! From the very beginning, the action and pacing are perfection! This is a great read for lovers of paranormal and fantasy romances that are smoldering hot!

Chelsea Andersen