Reviews - Paranormal

Healing Kiss
Amanda Uhl

SUSPENSE: Lillian Milano changes her appearance – and even her name to protect herself and her family from a company known as Kinetica. This company is trying to track her down in order to use her special healing abilities for their sick and twisted experiments.

Dark Wine at Dawn
Jenna Barwin

Henry Bautista and his fiancée, Cerissa, have traveled to the New York Collective in order to fulfill Henry’s bite requirements with his maker, Anne-Louise, but of course, when Henry and Anne-Louise are near each other, all hell breaks loose.

Cocktails & Cauldrons
T. M. Cromer

Reclusive artist Eoin O’Malley has made a name for himself in the art world and comes from a long line of powerful witches that have only recently had their magic returned to them. Wallflower Brenna Sullivan is the niece of one of Eoin’s patrons. The quiet, mousey girl has intrigued Eoin over the last four years, all while rebuffing her voracious Aunt Odessa.

Horned Owl Hollow
Karla Brandenburg

HORROR: Elle Barclay thought that appraising a figurine collection would be a simple task. As a spiritual medium, it takes an interesting turn when a spirit tells her that she must protect the property for Martin.

Grace Crawford has a bit of a problem; she is an exhausted nurse struggling to keep up on with life and a mortgage and mourning the loss of her mother. There is also that slight problem with being able to see souls.