Reviews - Paranormal

Alexi is a vampire who did the forbidden thing and fell in love with a mortal. Not only that but he dared to have a child with her. This has made a lot of people unhappy.

Requiem for the Undead

Gabriella is a beautiful, courageous woman who searches for and finds ancient texts of all races, so that their histories are preserved. Her latest quest has her searching for an ancient religious text. It is her duty to her people and her grandfather to find this text and guard it so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. 

Akshay, prince of the earth djinns, is tired of his life. His people aren’t prospering, the constant warlike state of affairs with the water djinns is draining (no pun intended), and now his best friend lost his life to an assassin hired by the water djinns. He desperately needs relief. And then he meets Maya.