Reviews - Paranormal

The Vampire's Witch

MYSTERY: When a witch wanders into vampire territory, Roman De Luca, the vampire Prince of the Northern Territories, is mesmerized. Suddenly, the witch is attacked by a monster, and Roman feels compelled to save her and heal her with his blood. Isabella Lockhart, a gifted hunter for her coven of witches, works for a security team known as Orion, and their main goal is to kill monsters.

Isay’s mother found happiness again and marries the Fae of Death’s King, Grath. Isay is not happy about this marriage and does not trust his people. She fears they will steal her life force, despite being under the protection of King Grath. Karmuth is one of the warriors who watches over and protects Isay, along with her stepbrother, Prince Hiko.

Young lovers split by the call of war and a life on the run are reunited by fate, destiny, chance, or whatever the name of the thing that happens in life when you least expect it. Robynne, fox-shifter and exceptional archer, becomes an outlaw to escape her forced betrothal, and to watch over her younger brother.

Dubheasa O’Malley can’t stand Ronan O’Connor. The rival warlock is too handsome, too sexy, and entirely too difficult to resist. After one amazing night, she realized his betrayal, and now she can’t trust him. Ronan is truly remorseful that his actions to thwart his villainous father, Loman, inadvertently hurting his fated mate.

Twilight is a vampire hunter. She’s been working for Slayers, Inc. for quite a while now and is ready to call it quits, but after she tries to make a run for it, she is tracked down and told that she must do one more job for them to make things right, and she will be protected from the organization in return. The job is more dangerous than most.