Reviews - Paranormal

Sara Strausser works mindlessly at a restaurant. One day while Sara was sitting, both Mr. Beckett Convery, who is a respected professor of Wells College, and his mom, claims that someone stole her tennis bracelet. Beckett’s mom asks him to read people’s minds. When Beckett touches Sara, he realizes that her mind is impenetrable, and something he has never seen before.


HISTORICAL: After her mother’s passing, Rynna Dalton is obliged to return to the familial enclave at Stonebridge Manor. The massive and stately mansion is populated with frigid and judgmental relatives. Although Rynna yearns to escape this new prison, she discovers warmth in the ghostly presence of her mother’s long dead cousin, Rosalind.

HISTORICAL: Steinar MacDougall is descended from power and nobility. The Pirate Wolf serves King William of Scotland as the sea-loving member of Clan Sutherland. Steinar spies a vessel of the rival Olafsson clan close to his own shores and their two mighty ships face off during a vicious storm. A surprise turn of events has the Pirate Wolf swept overboard and into the clutches of a siren!

Nolan is a rising star detective among the Nashville wolf marshals. Living with a shameful family secret, he's on a personal mission to clear his dead brother's name of the horrific Tucker family slaughter, which included Sadie, his unclaimed mate.

Light Angel

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: The town of Shandaken has many secrets. Anya O’Clery inherits property from her grandmother with two conditions: first, she must keep the property in the family, and second, protect the town and its people. A few years pass and then Anya must choose a path according to her dreams.