Time of the Wolf – The Tarlisian Sagas, Book 1


TIME TRAVEL: Radin Hawk enters a time portal with his newly purchased slave, Keilah, who claims to be a princess from the past. As luck or The Fates would have it, she is indeed a princess with a rebel army intent on defeating her evil stepmother, Queen Anaya. His suspicions are heightened when Radin finds his father’s sorcerer, Brekan, is also in the past as a mentor to Keilah. He slowly realizes Keilah and he were brought together across time to fulfill Brekan’s quest to destroy his enemy, the evil Sorceress Anaya. With the help of old and new friends, they embark on a mystical journey of adventure fraught with danger, secret rituals, and a growing passion both Radin and Keilah find familiar, yet hard to deny.

A supernatural tale of time travel, past lives, and insurmountable passion, "Time of the Wolf" pulls readers through a vortex of high stakes adventure and enduring romance! The plot is a suspenseful tale steeped in lore, possession, betrayal, obsession, and vengeance. Characters are flawed, authentic, and believable beings who leap from the page as their stories unfold. Even small bit characters manage to provide imagination, sparking embers readers will relish. Vibrantly evil villains are monstrous, with hints of vulnerability that doesn’t quite offset their diabolical desires. Readers will get a rush from thrilling action-filled battles, and goosebumps from chillingly hungry fiends found within this quest to destroy evil, and put right the wrongs of yesteryear. Ms. D’Arcy’s first installment to this series is a howling inauguration to an enthralling saga of vendetta, sorcery, and legend in a wonderfully rich landscape of fairytales, fantasy, and fate.

Tonya Mathenia