The Time Gatherer – The Time Gathering Series, Book 1


TIME TRAVEL: Teenager George St. James accidentally discovers he can travel through time! Traveling in the past as a minstrel, he has a quick tryst with a young female troubadour who is felled by an arrow meant for him. The shot is by an unknown assailant. He unsuccessfully travels back several times trying to save her life. His time gathering mentors work to strengthen his skills to aid him with his ability and to find his purpose. George’s love of history, art, and women sends him on a quest to research and possibly prolong the life of a beautiful Italian Renaissance artist who captivates his heart. Unable to save her due to the treachery of a secret cabal of scientists, he pulls out all the stops to fulfill his promise to help her protégé. 

Exploring paradoxes and pitfalls, "The Time Gatherer" is a time-stopping dream come true! The heartache of star-crossed lovers flutters off the page with delicate brushstrokes of longing. Although the premise is time travel and romance; the constant time jumps are a bit frustrating along with George's lack of curiosity about his own future! Readers will find the innovative explanations ascribed to time traveling abilities a unique twist. While one villain is a fully realized character filled with misguided purpose and relatable flaws, the other is a buffoonish scoundrel serving little reason. Even though the tale is told from a teenage boy’s point of view, love scenes are written with a delicate touch. George’s mentors are portrayed with exasperating and humorous Yoda-like characteristics readers will enjoy. Ms. Dacus gathers romantic ideals, science fiction details, and intriguing machinations into a timeless tale of a young man’s pursuit for purpose.

Tonya Mathenia