Thunderstruck (Thunderbird Brotherhood Book 1)


Reseda Juarez is a cold, heartless killer. She is also part of a group of women who kill, known as “The Dolls.” When Reseda’s mother is bitten by a werewolf and is on the verge of dying, Reseda takes her to an Indian healer. The healer tasks Reseda with finding the Pul Yah stone in order to save her mother. For Reseda to get to the stone’s hiding place, however, she must join forces with Kane. Reseda and Kane start out as adversaries and can’t stand each other. While Reseda and Kane quest to find the stone, the werewolves are hunting it too. The werewolves are relentless, and Reseda discovers Kanes’ biggest secret when he tries to save her, proving his love for her. Reseda’s love for Kane could end up killing not just them but everyone she holds dear.

What a marvelous paranormal romance! A magnificent tale! The story is uniquely distinct in bringing many different supernatural creatures, from deadly apathetic women assassins, to werewolves, and, lastly, Indian mythology, all brought exquisitely together seemingly effortlessly! This spellbinding story is filled with roller-coaster plot twists and heart-stopping action, which moves beautifully along, pulling the reader into the heart of the story. Reseda, the unfeeling protagonist heroine, manages to be likable. Even Kane, the gruff, cantankerous hero, is a delight! The book is beautifully crafted, simmering with intelligent, witty dialogue and lovable characters. It is a story that will stay with readers long after the novel is finished! Ms. Wren Michaels has written such a top-notch fantastical story that is well worth reading!

Roslynn Ernst