Tears of the Wolf – Hotel LaBelle, Book 4


The Chief of Tribal Police, Jacob Graywolf, serves on the reservation where indigenous women are being found murdered. FBI Special Agent, Zena Adalwolf is assigned to work with him on an interagency taskforce to investigate and solve the killings. Clues from the grave via Jacob’s mom who happens to be a psychic healer and midwife are becoming more and more disturbing. Jacob’s suffering repressed memories of his father’s murder and Zena’s being haunted by memories of her two sisters’ brutal murders also provide a bond between the two. Refusing to allow their immediate attraction as possible wolf-shifter mates to distract them from their investigation, the two use their supernatural abilities and investigative talents to hunt down a serial killer who may have his sights on the two women Jacob holds dear.

“Tears of the Wolf” by Sharon Buchbinder is a thrilling paranormal sexy page turner! Readers will find many aspects in this supernatural psychological drama to enjoy. The characters are interesting people who display flaws and virtues while living in a world where they are free to accept their two-sided natures. The secondary characters are wonderfully written people readers will enjoy knowing. The love scenes are steamy, arousing, and fun! The bad guys are well-rounded characters, proving to be fleshed out psychos in desperate need of capture. The suspenseful story builds up to a howling climax as it shifts from hair-raising tensions, ghostly interludes, and ends with a biting conclusion. Ms. Buchbinder delivers a compelling and unique spin on cultural beliefs, romantic chemistry, and supernatural beings working together to deliver the killers among them to justice.

Tonya Mathenia