The Taking of Ireland


HISTORICAL:  Prince Sibrán of Galicia is sailing to Inisfail in order to avenge his uncle’s murder. He expects to encounter an army of resistance but is surprised when a beautiful woman, Aislinn, is sent to welcome the warriors instead. Aislinn is an enigma to Sibrán and possesses powers that are not human. As they travel to the Fort of Kings, Sibrán is convinced of two things: Aislinn has been sent to kill him and his kinsman and, although he is wary of the princess, he can no longer deny the attraction he feels towards her. Will Sibrán’s destiny be to save Aislinn and Inisfail from the tyrant Moqorr or will he also be forced to fall under Moqorr’s spell?

Anna Markland has created a unique story that is well thought out and is written in a precise manner. While Ms. Markland’s story is intriguing, it feels a bit sluggish in places. “The Taking of Ireland” is the epitome of the "knight in shining armor" basic standard that is the basis for so many romance novels. Ms. Markland’s writing style is unique and readers may truly enjoy the conflict, suspense, and romance that one comes to expect from authors of her calibre. Historical romances are a dime a dozen so it takes some skill to mastermind a story that will keep readers fascinated. Ms. Markland has generated a fairytale that some readers may fall in love with but leave other readers wanting more.

Mary-Nancy Smith