Spark and Ember (Beautiful Dark Beasts, Book 2)


Arya watches her friends get captured and is barely saved from a similar fate. Tormented by what happened, she awaits her lover, the god Chaos, to be released from his punishment. Reunited, the two set out to discover who has destroyed the witch covens and seek to free her friends. Every step forward is fraught with danger, and the stakes rise when Arya is willing to sacrifice herself for her friends. But even if Arya survives, the fate of all supernatural beings depends on a promise she may not be able to deliver on. Chaos will do anything for the woman he loves, but even gods have their limits. Up against an implacable enemy and left defenseless, Arya will need all her wits and faith in herself and those she left behind to save her world and to gain a love for all time!

With an explosive start, "Spark and Ember" sets the stage for a pulse-pounding ride of suspense and chaos! Arya is tough, compassionate and loyal. The connection between her and Chaos jumps off the page. The world building is complex and rich in detail. Fans of book one will be delighted by this latest installment. However, new readers might be better off starting from the first book to understand the various characters and the world; otherwise, expect to be left with unanswered questions about the players, the events, and the places. Even so, readers looking for an urban fantasy to put on their library shelf will not be disappointed. High stakes combined with unexpected twists and turns make for a heart-throbbing adventure that's pure magic!

Tricia Hill