Sound of a Wylder Silence (The Wylder West)


HISTORICAL/WESTERN: Ikshu Sagebrush is an Arapaho living in the shadow of his older brother, Nartan, who is a medicine man. Exiled from their tribe, they live on a homestead off the reservation along with Nartan’s wife, Olive. Ava Wylder has come home from school in New York. She hates the city and craves silence. When she meets Ikshu at a Christmas party, she falls for him because he does not speak above a whisper. He falls for this golden-haired beauty. He is a master craftsman at leatherwork, and he makes her gifts. They become fast friends and more until Ikshu learns Ava’s last name is Wylder, and realizes the heiress is out of his league and backs away. Ava insists on going out to Ikshu’s homestead nearly every day to woo him, determined to make him hers.

“Sound of a Wylder Silence” is a treasure trove of information about the mystic rituals Arapaho men experience as they are maturing into manhood and asking for guidance into their later years. World building is so believable one can easily imagine what Wylder and the Sagebrush homesteads look like.  Ikshu’s past is, however, brought up often, making this story feel repetitious, while the ending and epilogue feel rushed. Olive being a shapeshifter adds nothing to the story. It is odd the settlers are frightened of the Sagebrush brothers at first yet embrace the relationship between Ikshu and Ava months later. Ikshu and Ava are delightful characters adding spark to this interesting story about life in the late 1800’s. Twenty-nine books in this fascinating series has something for everyone, so come take a trip to Wylder!

Belinda Wilson