The Soul of Love - The Primordialomachy Series, Book 1

E. X.

Eros, primordial God of Love, has spent millennia searching for his other half ripped from him during war among the gods. Agreeing to punish Psyche, a beautiful mortal at the request of the vain goddess Aphrodite, he's shocked when he recognizes she's his long-lost immortal soul mate, Thesis, reborn! True to his promise that Psyche’s punishment is to be married to a beast, Eros marries her and whisks her away to his private island. His plans for Psyche to love and accept him are met with resistance. However, if successful, the return of her memories and immortal powers will be the catalyst awakening his primordial brethren for the upcoming war of the gods, determining who will sit on the throne of Mt. Olympus.

"The Soul of Love" is a unique romantic saga proving the transcendent power of love can restore souls to mortals and gods. Readers will be introduced to the trials and tribulations of primordial gods searching for soul mates as they battle to regain the power they once held. The beginning is a slow buildup to a fantastical world of the normal day-to-day of gods and goddesses, and how their interactions are just as petty, amorous, and diabolical as their mortal counterparts. Readers may find main characters relatable yet predictable; while supportive characters come across as interesting and slightly more complex. Unfortunately, the main villain is annoying. However, the dark nemesis lurking in the shadows leaves a chill on the spine. Warning! Book contains references to suicide and miscarriages. Love scenes are divinely sensual. E. X. Alexander conjures up a steamy, dreamy paranormal tale of timeless love overcoming betrayal, revenge, and loss. 

Tonya Mathenia