Song of Virgo (Coven Daughters #3)


Taylor and Julian fought feverishly to leave behind the world of evil and moved to Peru where they look forward to raising their twins. However, after their daughter vanishes in the middle of the night, they are forced to come face to face with the world they left behind. In order to rescue their daughter from the occult group who they suspect are planning her sacrifice, Taylor learns to accept her roots and build her ability as a witch. Despite her lack of practice, she knows it’s a road she must travel if she hopes to have any chance at saving her daughter. Will Taylor lose herself in the magic as she fights to save her daughter? Can Julian and Taylor work together one more time to overcome evil, or will they be too late?

Each page of “Song of Virgo” is filled with twists and turns full of mind-boggling conspiracy theories, occultism, and magic that will shake readers to their core. Kat Turner creates an intense storyline that follows the battle between good and evil, with vivid imagery that evokes fear and repulsion of the world behind the conspiracies. Readers will ache alongside Julian and Taylor as they yearn for their daughter and sacrifice their own lives to ensure her safe return to Peru. As their journey unfolds, they are exposed to the harsh realities of magic and all the possible repercussions that could surface, which puts a strain on their relationship. Yet, the love that radiates from these characters is powerful and evident. Overall, “Song of Virgo” is the epitome of a war between good and evil, fought with the love of a selfless mother and father.

Sadie Wilson