Shiftless in Sheboygan (Shapesisters Book 1)


Steffi Anbruzzen and her sisters are shapeshifters, but they are not like normal shapeshifters. Their abilities are so much different, more powerful, and they’re a threat to others. Steffi can take any biological shape she wants, but when she loses that ability OASIS steps in and appoints Sawyer Montaigne to help her and distract her. OASIS is hoping the distraction of the good looking werewolf will take enough time to eliminate Steffi’s abilities permanently. Sawyer, a ruggedly handsome Canadian Werewolf and a member of the Montaigne pack must mate with a female werewolf in order to remain in the pack. However, he finds himself falling for Steffi as he gets to know her, leaving him facing a difficult choice – his loyalty to his pack and OASIS, or woman he’s come to love?

“Shiftless in Sheboygan” is an excellent start to a new series! Zanna Archer has created a unique world filled with distinct types of shifters with special abilities, and an Organization to Assist, Support and Inform Shape-shifters (OASIS).  They are in charge of keeping all shapeshifters in line and making sure they follow the rules. The reader will love the main characters, Steffi and Sawyer, who are extraordinarily strong willed and know what they want. One will enjoy the bickering between them The attraction between them is very real and believable, and the reader will be cheering their relationship on. The reader may feel that the story is slow at times and could flow a little better, but overall, this is an enjoyable and entertaining read for fans of paranormal romance!

Victoria Zumbrum