The Secrets of Gable House


MYSTERY:  When Noah Miller learns he has inherited not only a fortune from a great uncle he knew nothing about but an historical house in the town of Willow-By-The-Sea, he’s shocked to say the least. He’s even more surprised when he learns of his family’s less than savory past from Maggie Shephard, the local librarian and authority on New England history. The more he learns, the more he understands why his father knew so little of his family. Gable House however, while beautiful and a showplace of history mixed with modern conveniences, holds a deep and dark secret… Gable House is haunted. Noah and Maggie work together to figure out what happened in his family’s past that caused a ghost to haunt the place, and the deeper they dig, the more unsavory truths they discover.

For such a short story, this one definitely keeps the reader eagerly turning the pages! The mystery of who the ghost is and what happened to cause the haunting leads Noah and Maggie on a fun, yet spooky journey through Gable House, while Noah learns about its former occupants. Sparks fly between Noah and Maggie, and readers will find themselves rooting for a happily ever after for the pair. Several typos and a character name misspelling are present, but do not spoil the story. Secondary characters give added depth. The overall feeling of the book is fun, almost as if one were playing an exciting mystery game, and there is plenty of humor laced throughout the story, keeping the reader engaged. The story is completely entertaining from start to finish—perfect for curling up with on a cold afternoon!

Katy Nielsen