The Seal of Daemons (The Watchers Book 2)


LGBTQ: Alexander “Alec” Coimhead and Rafe are on a mission to find the mystical Ring of Solomon. Alec and Rafe secretly love each other, and nothing can come between them. Or that’s what they think. Alec impulsively jumps into situations never thinking of the consequences, while Rafe, the level-headed tough warrior, will do anything to protect him. Rafe hides many things from Alec and at times doesn’t know if he should trust him with his heart. Still, he will give him everything despite it being a terrible idea. As the plot thickens, the mystery of where the ring is and who has it could end up killing them both. Rafe and Alec at every moment are being tested. While demons also threaten everyone and everything, the two hold onto each other.

“The Seal of Daemons” is an engaging and romantic fantastical tale featuring a same-sex main couple. In the beginning, the reader is awkwardly dropped in the middle of the story, so the plot is obscure at first. So, to truly understand what’s happening, it’s vital to read the first book. Plus, the romance between Alec and Rafe feels forced. The relationship is more physical with expressions of bodily lust with little true emotional love. Descriptions of Alec and Rafe are pretty vague as well. Rafe keeps many secrets, and unfortunately, they are never fully explained, leaving the reader with a definite mystery. Rafe is an enigma and a headache as well. Alec, the naïve innocent protagonist, is whiney and petulant so not terribly likable or relatable. The book is nonetheless an intriguing mix of action and adventure which is quite an interesting read.

Roslynn Ernst