Saffire is a feature dancer in a men’s club. Everyone thinks the flames in her act are pyrotechnics, but that is Saffire’s secret. Her body emits blue flames whenever she gets excited. Her friend, Velvet shows up one night with two men and introduces Saffire to Shook and Rebar. Shook is single and very attracted to Saffire as she is to him. The two manage to spend the weekend together and realize they are falling for one another. Velvet tells Saffire her former “boyfriend” has been let out on parole and to watch out, because he says he is out to get her after spending years in jail. Saffire is frightened, but Shook makes her feel safe as he is a former FBI agent. When Saffire is called to make an unscheduled appearance at Diego’s bar, she thinks nothing of it. But when Shook goes backstage to get her, she’s vanished!

“Saffire” captures the reader’s attention from the first page. The title character is a sensual being and this leaps off the page as she performs. The three main men in this story are half Lakota and triplets at that! Although triplets, they are each their own man and have developed their own skill sets important to this tale. Lakota culture and folklore are peppered throughout this story, which is a nice touch, but none of the tales are complete enough to make sense to the layman. Plot twists take the reader by surprise, as all is not as it seems on the surface. Intrigue, deception, and betrayal lurk among the pages leaving readers wanting still more!

Belinda Wilson