S’mores Siren Song (One Scoop or Two)


Adysson Townsend has been trying to combat the unusual swimming patterns of the local fish, which she claims is the result of illegal activity of a big fishing company. She makes it her responsibility to protect the locals in the community, but every time the fishing company goes under investigation, all the evidence disappears. However, this isn’t her only dilemma at hand. Addy spends her nights in the ocean, swimming as a siren. During the day, she works at her ice cream parlor. Once she turns 25, she has to decide which form she will keep forever: human or siren? It used to be an easy decision until Benjamin Yeates, a marine biologist, came to town.

The storytelling by Virginia Barlow is straight out of a modern fairytale. Every character has a clear purpose that aids in telling Addy’s story. With that said, everything is predictable with no unexpected surprises. It is a cute touch to have Addy’s new boyfriend be the town's new marine biologist, who just so happens to have a mermaid story of his own. The relationships are fun and organic, and none of them feel forced. It is also interesting how easily the story could go in two different directions: a happy redemption story or a revenge plot. The possibilities are endless with this story, but the modern fairytale take is light-hearted and refreshing. “S’mores Siren Song” is the perfect novel for a quick read bundled up by a fire, maybe with a s’more or two.

Sadie Wilson