The Royal Occult Bureau (The Royal Occult Bureau Book 1)


HISTORICAL: Asia Quicksilver is a prostitute, but not just any ordinary streetwalker. She is employed by one of the most luxurious brothels in London, where the “ladies” are treated well and even have some say in which clients they see. When Asia is chosen by Mr. Blond for a long-term gig, she almost looks forward to doing her job. But as it turns out, her usual services are not what he wants. This man buys her for an entire week - not for sex, not to even see her naked. He simply sits in her room and watches her read a book. He finally tells her an incubus is after her. Asia blows his warning off until she’s attacked by a very dark and dangerous man. Her curiosity and plucky nature lead her to follow Mr. Blond, involving her in an investigation that’s out of this world.

“The Royal Occult Bureau” is an innovative concept: “Twilight” meets “Sherlock Holmes”. Unlike Mr. Holmes, Mr. Blond is tall, broad, and exceedingly handsome with some impressive supernatural abilities. The problem is, as a romantic hero, he remains as emotionally unavailable to the reader as he does to Asia, for far too long. Asia is an engaging narrator who tells a unique story with excellent pacing. Her character is well-developed, one the reader connects with and worries about. Beyond these two, the other girls working in De Luna House remain as cardboard shadows, even Charlotte, Asia’s best friend, whose predicament drives the main story. Copy editing errors interrupt the flow. It’s Asia’s lively characterization that holds this tale together and keeps the pages turning.

FS Brown