Rorik (The Wolves of Clan Sutherland Book 2)


HISTORICAL: In ancient Scotland, the King has command of an elite guard of warriors, imbued with the spirit of the wolf, who are dangerous and feared. Rorik from the House of MacNeil is a member of this brotherhood of wolves, whose expertise in charm and persuasion has earned him the moniker of Dark Seducer. Think of him as a 13th century James Bond. Rorik charms women into his bed to get information for his King, but his connection with his wolf has soured of late. Could his distraction be due to the pretty ebony-haired Seer from up north? Rorik and Ragna are like oil and water whenever they meet, but perhaps their animosity hides an entirely different kind of emotion. Whatever the case, love could spell the end of the Dark Seducer’s seducing ways. Meanwhile, danger stalks the Wolf and the Seer from the shadows.

Dark suspense and sexual tension ripple across these pages from the very first chapter. Mary Morgan brings ancient Scotland to life in vivid and pulse-pounding detail. It’s brilliantly and masterfully done. Be prepared to feel the earth, smell the forest, and sense the tingle of approaching evil as Rorik and Ragna take their sweet time in acknowledging what Rorik’s wolf already knows. They want each other. The steam factor will set your heart and hearth ablaze and turn up the heat! The vibrant Scottish landscape, the magic, the intrigue, and the romance are richly layered and transport the reader into a wondrous escape from the real world.

Joan Lai