Residual Magic

Suzanne M.

Brittany is a lone witch living in a household of werewolves and vampires. Two of the werewolves, Everett Cooper, and Stewart Taggar, are vying for her attention; but only her best friend Everett stands a chance. She has been in love with him ever since she moved into the house a year ago. She is considered a good witch, even though her magic always seems to go awry, and she ends up blowing things up. People start disappearing, and they’re all connected to Brittany and her magic. After Brittany banishes another witch named Wynne into a pendant, the two discover a sorcerer wants the magic cauldron in their basement. It is up to Brittany, with the help of Everett and Taggar, to outsmart the sorcerer, rescue the missing people, and protect the cauldron to save the world.

“Residual Magic” takes the paranormal reader into the realm of werewolves, vampires, witches, and sorcerers where they come off the pages and appear to be real entities. Brittany is a fun character to follow. She is a hybrid: half witch, half sorcerer. The reader sees her evolve throughout the book. There are a few things to ponder in this story. Why are the vampires mentioned? They play no real part in the story. Brittany’s mother leaves a journal behind, adding little to the overall story. The tale ends as a double cliffhanger. An abundance of action in the story keeps the reader engaged. “Residual Magic” is an entertaining tale for the paranormal crowd.

Belinda Wilson