Red Alert


Jame Bradshaw did not expect to be confronted with disaster so shortly after she becomes the newest leader of the Paranormal Crimes Division. Five dead senators should be enough to keep the alpha shifter’s hands full, but the paranoia that spreads after the Capital’s mass murders just pours fuel onto the fire. Add former vampire vigilante, Drake, to the mix, and you have one tension-filled investigation. Jame is not used to letting down her defenses, but if she and Drake cannot learn to channel their passion, the implosion of their partnership will leave more than her career on the chopping block. 

The second novel in the series, “Red Alert” is a superb read for paranormal fans. While it can be read as a standalone, readers will miss a lot of backstory, world, and character building from the previous novel. This unfortunately detracts from the enjoyment of the narrative as it would have added to the reader’s enjoyment and understanding of it, especially as the world and mythology created by Ms. Moss are genuinely fascinating. The story is captivating from the first scene, and the fast pacing keeps the reader engaged for the entirety of the novel. Perhaps that is why the cliffhanger ending is so frustrating. While it does give the reader something to look forward to, it can ruin an otherwise great book for some readers. That being said, the chemistry between the leads and the “will they, won’t they” drive the story as much as the intrigue.

Arec Rain