The Rake is Taken (League of Lords Book 2)


HISTORICAL/VICTORIAN:  Finn Alexander sees a mysterious woman in his dreams; he doesn’t know why she’s in his visions tormenting him all the time. When he attends a ball, he sees Lady Victoria Hamilton. Victoria has a special ability—she can stop and erase ordinary people’s thoughts; but to someone like Finn who can read minds, she can block his talent. Finn knows Victoria’s gift places her in danger, so he decides he must do anything to protect her by taking her to his brother’s country estate and the secret group known as the League. As Victoria and Finn work together to neutralize the threat to her life, the attraction between the couple grows which could very well end up destroying them in the end. 

This book brings the Regency and paranormal genres cleverly together! The slight supernatural capabilities of the characters are introduced gently, making them almost believable and not feeling like comic book superpowers. Unfortunately, the story jumps around somewhat, giving it a jumbled feel and making it difficult to follow what is going on. The romance further complicates everything instead of enhancing or refining it. There are so many things going on that the reader never senses the true danger the protagonists are supposedly in. Finn, the good-hearted mind-reading rake, attempts to save everyone despite owning a gaming hall, which is more a cover to find more people like him. Victoria the mind-blocking time-stopping heroine, is not easy to understand but is likable. Still, it’s an enjoyable tale told with a little magic which is a superb way to read both genres comfortably!

Roslynn Ernst