Pursued – The Vampire Syndicate, Book 1


Three years ago, Mila Vittore and Gabriel Karl fell for each other quick and hard. But as the Crown Prince of the powerful Karl Vampire Syndicate, dhamphir Gabriel couldn’t afford the additional weakness of having a human mate, so his parents leveraged Mila’s love to make her disappear from his life. Staging a syndicate coup, a rival vampire uses Mila’s love for Gabriel and the abduction of her brother to force her return from hiding to spy on him. Mila uses the vampire thrall bond to ensure Gabriel has no choice but to accept her back into his life. Will their undying love and undeniable desire be enough to renew his trust and restore her courage so they can defy the treachery and betrayal of an enemy pursuing the downfall of his family's vampire syndicate? 

"Pursued" is a vampire mafia love story served in a chalice of blood-chilling thrills with mouth-watering shots of passion! Readers will drink in the strong, sexy characters inhabiting a dark and dangerous world where love can be a weakness or a weapon. The scintillating love scenes swerve along the nerves with delicious abandon. Although the familiar dynamic of brothers determined to prove their worth to a father who demands strength and loyalty is a well-honed tool, it still ensures the readers invest in an intriguing family drama. The fast pace of the suspense-filled plot provides a rollercoaster of diabolical twists and turns that will leave readers in breathless anticipation for the next drop. Readers will enjoy an intense chase with page-turning anticipation as Ms. Rivard delivers a riveting tale all about the pursuit of redemption, rescue, and romance!

Tonya Mathenia