Prophecy - The Stregheria Book 1


Mira thought she escaped her controlling father and his obsession with an ancient prophecy when she left home in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, when the past catches up to her, it’s her daughter Lilly who must pay the price. Torn from her home and faced with powers she doesn’t understand and circumstances out of her control, Lilly must decide whom she can trust in a world where the Gods have taken an interest in her, both witches and werewolves want and fear her, and everyone has different ideas about how the prophecy should go. Mira will do anything for her daughter, but this time, running isn’t an option, and only Lilly can decide what will happen.

A mix of paranormal romance, Norse gods, and family drama, “Prophecy” is full of action, conflict, and drama. With incredibly spunky female leads, numerous antagonists, and a wide cast of characters, the potential in this book is vast. That said, the pacing is off, with time never being clearly defined between scenes. Each antagonist is easily overpowered, and neither Lilly nor Mira are portrayed as particularly likable; simply powerful. Further, the men in this book are pushovers, controlling weaklings, or oblivious. This is complicated by the reliance on telling the whole story, rather than showing the happenings with narration. Overall, this book has a fabulous idea, intriguing backstories and characters that would really shine with a little extra polish.

Sarah E Bradley