Pints & Potions (The Unlucky Charms #1)


Piper Thorne decides it’s time for a change and jets off to take a vacation in Ireland. Not looking for love and trying to get away from unwanted attention because of her extremely powerful family, she is determined to spend her vacation unbothered. However, Cian O’Malley, a handsome warlock, spots Piper the minute she walks into his pub and is instantly mesmerized. Cian, coming from a cursed family, is unable to use his powers, but he is determined to change that, and with the help of Piper, this may be something that can actually be accomplished. Follow Piper and Cian as they learn secrets about each other, attempt to decipher a riddle in an ancient grimoire, and try not to fall in love.

T. M. Cromer knocks it out of the park with this laugh out loud paranormal story. Piper is such an adventurous character, it’s hard not to love her. Cian and Piper have such a familiarity between them that it seems like they have known each other forever. Cian makes their relationship very uncomplicated, and their witty banter is highly entertaining. Where some readers may find their feelings for each other develop too quickly, it does make the story very fast-paced and edgy. Even the side characters have fantastically cute and humorous personalities, which makes this one a very engaging page-turner. The setting of the story, Ireland, makes this story a little exotic and even more entertaining. The environment of Ireland and the accents that come with it make for some pretty amazing storytelling.

Jennifer Shepherd