Nightshade’s Bite – Blood Wars, Book 2


Kiera Rossard, vampire leader of The Nightshade League, secretly saves werewolves from her own people's experiments and executions. Michael Durand, legendary werewolf general, is rumored to be insane but known to be an extremely dangerous vampire hunter. While saving a lone werewolf from capture, Kiera and her partner are shocked to discover their target is the feared vampire killer. She is even more surprised to find herself unabashedly drawn to him even knowing his mere existence is not only dangerous to her life but also to her secret! Michael also finds himself intrigued by the sassy beautiful vampire he should want to destroy. When a rescue mission threatens Kiera’s secret identity, the two of them must work together to save an innocent and protect her secret.

"Nightshade's Bite" delivers a delicious tale full of rousing action, dark conspiracies, and illicit passions! Readers will devour the pages of this striking dramatic story involving a badass lady vampire and a brooding, swoon-inducing werewolf. The temptation of fatal desires will keep readers gnawing lips in anticipation. Drawn in with flavorful dialogue, name dropping fashion, and peer of the realm politics, readers won’t be able to resist becoming a part of the war between two species. Although the villain doesn’t incite terror, he gives off enough menace to give characters a reason to be against his evil plan. The excitement of secret identities and the threat of hazardous missions move the story along with a rapid velocity guaranteed to enthrall readers. Ms. Forward’s second installment in her Blood Wars series is a blood thirsty revolution to the senses that readers will sink their teeth into with enthusiastic fervor!

Tonya Mathenia