The Nighthawkers

Amy L.
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Pauline is an archaeologist, but a special gift is what gives her a true ability to dive into her work. She can speak with the dead and learn stories about each artifact that no other would ever be able to decipher from its discovery or read in any textbook. Throughout school she was snubbed for her ability to ace every class she took, but while her ability granted her perfect grades and untouchable knowledge, she only saw herself as weird. Grey Henley on the other hand thinks she is a genius, and with his smooth talking and handsome appearance, convinces her they belong together. The two carry heavy secrets with them though, and without honesty, will their relationship last?

“The Nighthawkers” is an incredibly well-written story, and the focus lands on Pauline’s ability to accept her gift and discover her destiny. There is so much packed into each page, with twists and turns that take the reader into actual different dimensions. Pauline’s character is portrayed perfectly. She is a young woman who feels out of place, unloved, and strange. Every time she feels her gift, she remembers how different she really is. It's sad to see her struggle with her own worth so much that she is willing to go through everything she does just to feel loved by someone. The way Grey and Ty are written adds so much depth and complexity to the story that aids in Pauline’s overall character development. Every emotion that pours out of her from beginning to end tells her story of rebirth and acceptance. This novel is worth every minute it takes to see their destiny unfold.   

Sadie Wilson