Necromancer Abbey (Souls and Shadows Book 3)


Catherine “Cat” Morland is a necromancer who communicates with the dead. She is forced to hide it because her parents have told her it is an evil talent. When a neighbor invites her to the magical Big Apple, New York City, Catherine is apprehensive about leaving home—until she meets Henry Tilney, who is going to be her mentor. Catherine secretly likes Henry and decides to go just to be close to him. As Catherine works in the magic shop with Henry, she learns how truly powerful she is. Instead of fighting her talent, Catherine learns to harness and control it. As Catherine gets closer to Henry, the shaky relationship between the two is tested when she uses her power to help Henry’s family. The gift backfires and could destroy Henry’s true feelings for her.

An exhilarating, roller coaster, paranormal, romantic fantasy! Ms. Blake writes beautifully, bringing together a magical world living in perfect harmony with the real world. It is easy to visualize each place, even as magical creatures pass through, enhancing the story rather than hindering it. In the beginning, the story moves slowly, taking a while to really get going. Catherine, the shy, compelling heroine, grows throughout the novel, while Henry is truly an enigma, never exposing how he truly feels, even though readers will sense them. Cat and Henry manage to bring out the best in each other, though Henry does seem a little weak, especially since he doesn’t fight back against others, including his father. Readers, especially fans of Austen’s “Northanger Abbey” will savor and delight in the otherworldly fantastical tale!

Roslynn Ernst