My Song's Curse (Duet of the Gods Book 1)


Lula Aglaope walks among humans, cursed by her inability to interact with them. As a siren, her voice lures, enthralls and kills those around her. Then she meets Alexiares, God of Warding off Wars, who sets her pulse pounding in desire. But sirens have long kept their world hidden, and it is ingrained in Lula to keep her sisters’ secrets. Alex is determined to learn more about the sirens for he and his friends have a plan that could blow Olympus apart, but he needs Lula. He didn't expect to fall for the beautiful siren, risking his status with Zeus, and his plans. With Lula by his side, Alex will do anything to hold on to the love they have found, but can they survive going up against an ancient evil force that will destroy everything in its path?

"My Song's Curse" builds a rich world that will wrap around readers’ senses and draw them in! The premise is intriguing and filled with possibilities. Some readers may find that the present tense, first-person POV for both Lula and Alex prevent them from connecting deeply with the story. Moreover, it takes time to understand what the stakes are, why Alex needs Lula, and what exactly they need to do to achieve their goal. On Lula's side, she has the potential to be a powerful story heroine, but spends a great deal of time on the phone or talking with others as opposed to acting. The story ends with none of the external conflicts resolved, which is likely to frustrate readers. Yet, from start to finish, "My Song's Curse" enchants with Greek mythology and sensual passion!

Tricia Hill