More Than Wolf (More than Human – Book 2)

‘More Than Wolf’ is a multi-character fantasy that picks up where the first book in the series left off. Under the tutelage of William, her lover, she is learning to accept her trueself. When William offers to take her to meet with others of her kind, Jule is faced with a decision. Can she accept becoming part of the Clan even if it means giving up the man she loves? The book also tells the story of Esadora, and her challenges with her ability to take over the body of another. Driven to near madness and suffering with depression, can she overcome her fears and learn to control her gift?
‘More Than Wolf’ by author Heather Ashbury is an exciting, neatly written story of Jule, a young woman coming into her own as a lycanthrope. While Jule’s story began in the first book in this series, ‘More Than Wolf’ does stand on its own with the heroine’s background being filtered in slowly. Her romantic relationship with William, a man of extraordinary patience, is heartwarming. However, her feelings for him will be tested. The story also includes a secondary heroine, Esadora, and her struggle to overcome the sinister voices in her head that cause her to make rash decisions, such as testing her abilities on the wrong person/dragon. She relies on hers and Elle’s mutual friends for support, which brings the story full circle and sets up what will likely be the next book in the series. For those readers who love fantasy with very realistic horror touches, you will no doubt find this book to your liking.
N.E. Kelley