Moon Madness: A Dirigo Pack Novel (Dirigo Pack Series Book 2)


Sloane Wyman has had a lot to deal with in her past. But nothing will stop her from protecting her pack and keeping them safe. Benedict MacKinnon keeps a low profile, he lost everything when his beast broke free, and he won’t let that happen again. However, when trouble finds his brother, he’s determined to help no matter what it takes. Finding a murderer isn’t going to be easy, especially with the weight of his brother and mate being accused. As Sloan and Benedict fight their way through to find the truth, their attraction for one another grows and soon becomes impossible to ignore. Will they be able to discover the truth and find happiness with one another? Or will their enemies succeed in not only tearing them apart, but taking down the ones they love too?

Fans of paranormal romance, strong characters and a gripping storyline will love “Moon Madness.” There is a mystery along with a will/they or won’t/they tug-o-war between Sloane and Benedict. The tension between them is so electric readers will have to use their e-readers as fans to cool off from the searing hot love scenes that radiate heat off the page. The plot moves at a brisk pace, and the characters are varied and well written. Some more descriptions could have added a little more depth to the story, but this lack doesn’t take away from the overall feel of the book. “Moon Madness” is an exciting story that fans of the genre—especially those who enjoy fierce and sexy werewolves—will love.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick