Midnight Temptation (Ravens Hollow Coven Book 2)


Gillian Howe is not only a tarot card reader. She is a talented witch who takes her craft—and dedication to her charity, Hope Club—seriously. However, a speed-dating event turns her life upside down when she has a run-in with a brotherhood of bloodthirsty (of course) vampires. When they take a particular interest in her and her cousin, Gillian does not realize they are in trouble until her cousin disappears. In steps the hero, Garrett Mulroney, a vampire who has decided to defy the lure of the Du Sang Brotherhood and uphold the law. When he and Gillian team up to rescue her kidnapped cousin, sparks fly. Gillian hates him, but she can’t deny the sexual chemistry between them. Can anyone say enemies to lovers?

Innovative: a good word to define this fast-paced adventure. When a witch (who runs a charity, no less) gets involved with a good-guy vampire, all bets are off when it comes to plot predictability. The “Mafia-style” brotherhood of vampires as villains is a brilliant concept. Although packed with action and intrigue, however, the character development suffers. Many of Gillian’s decisions are questionable, and the hero is mostly defined by his wealth. The story contains lots of “telling” rather than showing when it comes to the couple’s emotions. As a result, the reader is left feeling like an onlooker rather than living the story. That being said, “Midnight Temptation” shakes up the ultimate supernatural cocktail, combining witchcraft, vampires, suspense, and spice into an irresistible paranormal potion.

FS Brown