Merry Little Wishing Spritz


Cassie Moore is happy with her life as a witch and shop assistant in the bookstore below her apartment. Unfortunately, when her friend has visions of a wrecking ball destroying her home and life, Cassie is spurned into action. Intending to save her apartment and her job, she casts a spell. However, magic is unpredictable, and when her friend casts a spell of her own, Cassie finds herself lusting after the very man threatening her plans. Jack Quinn is thrilled the owner of Lakeside Books is ready to sell. He has big plans for a cozy waterfront property in its place, but he didn’t expect to be entranced by a certain brown-eyed saleswoman whose love for the bookstore just might match his own passion.

An adorable Christmas novella, “Merry Little Wishing Spritz” has much of the same draw as “You’ve Got Mail” – only with a little magical flair. While the length doesn’t allow for much backstory or depth of character, the novella successfully provides a straightforward happy ending with a sweet and clean romance, and some magical mix-ups. While the conflict is minor and the cast of characters tiny, the pace is steady, and the plot could easily fit one of  the Hallmark movies, which makes it perfect for a cozy afternoon read without keeping the reader up all night. Overall, readers who like light romances with a little magic and a short length, will find plenty to enjoy in this book!

Sarah E Bradley