Meringue Snowflake Magic

Swept up in haste, Wynter must relocate under all the rules of the witness protection program. She’s sent to a tiny Colorado town which has a welcoming crew of elderly ladies, who are quick to show with all their best treats. Wynter takes a tumble in the slick snow, the local deputy Sheriff, Blaze, happens along to aid the damsel in distress. Blaze also owns the local pizza restaurant and is the town’s leading bachelor. Blaze is drawn to Wynter and knows there is more than meets the eye, and he’s determined to uncover what she’s attempting to hide from him. When trouble looms for the small town and all its residents, Blaze and his crew get to work quickly to secure those in danger.
“Meringue Snowflake Magic” is beautifully written novella with many creative characters. The new girl in town gains much attention when all she wants is anonymity. The town’s most eligible bachelor-turned hero is quite alluring, and readers will totally cheer on the newly developing relationship. All though this entire story feels very rushed, each component of the plot is touched on. However, readers may enjoy more meat on the bone with added depth to the story and characters. The quick relationship may not wash with all, however what lacks in time it makes up for with personalities and creativity. The Holiday theme cookie competition is a fun tradition that ties the gift of a holiday story in a nice bow!
Viola Robbins