Martha’s Mission (Mach’Doshna Book 7)


When Martha, a doctor working in a run-down clinic is stabbed as she leaves work one day, she wakes up in a castle, beyond confused to learn she is no longer on Earth, but in some strange land where the men are huge and change into lions or dragons. Everything is different and nothing makes sense to her, especially the undeniably strong attraction she feels for A’ster, elite warrior to the king and healer. A’ster only has to take one look at Martha to know that she is his lifemate, that he will do anything in his power to keep her and make her happy. His lion self has limited time to claim her before the madness sets in. With rebels causing trouble and learning there are traitors in their midst at the castle, how can A’ster convince his human mate that they were meant to be?

Props to Ms. Daniels for her epic imagination. There is no lack of that in this story. However, this book is riddled with issues. Readers of the series will probably understand all of the ‘otherworld’ words, but there is no explanation for them, leaving new readers confused. It cannot be read as a standalone. There are numerous homophonic errors, typos, and at one point, even the name for one of the main characters is wrong. No page breaks lead to added confusion as the story jumps all over the place. The relationship between Martha and A’ster is not relatable or believable. It’s instantaneous, yet there is plenty of steamy sex. A thorough edit would seriously help polish and smooth out the edges of this incredibly creative story. 

Katy Nielsen