The Mark of a King: (Natura Elementals 3)


Lach Lennox has fought the deadly tripowered disease, but time is running out. A risky magical cure will turn him into a vampire—a new species his people have only recently learned about. In return, he swears to protect Rose Barclay, a young vampire who has been buried in a semi-conscious state for three hundred years. He is unprepared for her beauty or how her innocence reminds him of the terrible things he did as his late grandfather's enforcer. Free at last, Rose is determined to learn about the world around her and to make her own choices. Above all, she wishes for Lach to teach her about making love. The heat between them builds and passion explodes, but danger lurks in the background. Lach will do everything in his power to set Rose free—even if it means walking away from the only woman he has ever loved.

From page one, "The Mark of a King" bursts with tension and suspense that will keep readers gripped to their seats! The world building is complex and intriguing, but could be better explained to situate the reader. Rose is like a flower unfurling as she experiences life and sensuality. Lach runs deep as he wrestles with the demons of his past, with his need to juggle the elemental and vampire sides of his nature, and with his awakening feelings for Rose. An explosive climax leads to an emotionally satisfying ending. However, Rose and Lach are forgotten in a dramatic epilogue that sets up the next book. Nonetheless, fans will be thrilled by this latest entry in a paranormal series that burns with excitement!

Tricia Hill