Magic Touch – The Legacy, Book 2


Delia Donovan, “The Ice Queen”, is a no-nonsense prosecutor for Los Angeles who is secretly a witch! She reluctantly joins a task force to protect and assist her younger sister and a small collection of magical women in an investigation to solve a cold case murder and a legendary disappearance. Mark Cavan is the mouth-watering gorgeous FBI Agent assigned to protect the sisters. Instantly attracted to and annoyed by Delia, he is in for a shock during a demonstration of her abilities. She is learning to wield her powers to protect the team and distract herself from his charms. He is finding it difficult to ignore his desires and protect the sisters.  They both must use their skills to catch a murderer who may be powerful enough to defy time, consort with demons, and rule witches.

With fast paced, heart pounding, thrilling suspense and fantastic displays of supernatural powers, “Magic Touch” is a paranormal delight! The romance isn’t anything to sneeze at either! Readers will enjoy the magical maneuvers of gathering clues to solve a mysterious case with diabolical undertones. There are powerful women who wield magic in stilettos and high fashion. There are dangerous men who ooze sex appeal right off the pages. There are evil villains who spark terror with brute force and cruel intentions. There is romance echoing through time and scorching the present. Readers will feel the heat of instant attraction and the sorcery of levitating passions.  Ms. Luna Joya’s second installment delivers a spine tingling story within a story filled with excitement, intrigue, and mystical beings in a contemporary setting leaving readers feeling the undeniable touch of magic.

Tonya Mathenia