The Lure of Air – Natura Elementals, Book 2


After the execution of his grandfather, chemist Graham Lennox becomes North American Natura President. Inheriting not only power over his people but their ongoing conflicts, he finds moments of peace in the presence of his lab assistant, the woman he has secretly fallen in love with. Astrid Barnes, a secret witch and spy, has been working with Graham as his lab assistant for two years in a covert mission to find missing witches, including her mother. Even though she doubts Graham’s involvement, she tries to put aside her attraction to him because she is sure one of the Lennox clan is involved. Facing danger and trying to overcome betrayal, will these star-crossed lovers uncover secrets and capture the love they desperately desire?

With spine tingling suspense and elemental magic, "The Lure of Air" is a whirlwind of burning secrets and breath-stealing passions! The magical machinations mixed with the threat of discovery will keep readers turning pages with anticipation. The burning chemistry between Astrid and Graham is an elemental firestorm filled with breathless touches of yearning. The Natura world is a radiant and brilliant landscape of mystical powers and treacherous politics readers will find wonderfully imaginative. The story’s beginning pace is a little slow; however, momentum kicks up in the middle and becomes a many revelation filled, plot twisting dynamo. The constant references to climate and pollution devastation caused by humans is a bit annoying, even though it’s the Natura’s responsibility to repair the damage. Sloane Calder’s second installment is a wonderful continuation that can be read as a standalone, but it will entice readers to backtrack to the first book and breathlessly await the next!

Tonya Mathenia