Love Bewitched (Gargoyle Night Guardians Book 3)


Wynne has a lot going on. Not only has she been the head of her coven since her mother went missing, she has just been offered a place on the prestigious Council, and she is dealing with a curse that leaves her as stony as a Gargoyle every sunrise and sunset. If that wasn’t enough, she now finds herself tangled up in a feisty love triangle: one a forbidden Fae who seems too good to be true, and the other a Gargoyle who should be the obvious choice, but Wynne has been down that road before and it didn’t end well. With the ongoing war raging, Wynne’s love life should be the least of her worries, but somehow it becomes the most important choice of all.

Wynne is a character readers will want to root for. Strong and magically talented, she definitely leads a far more complicated life than first impressions would suggest.  Despite the title being about Gargoyles, this story is very witch-centric with some Fae and just a dash of Gargoyles thrown in. New readers may have problems understanding everything if they haven’t read the first installments as there is very little lore or backstory for some of the main issues which hinders a lot of the enjoyment. With that little amendment made, this could easily rise from the current rating to a five star, must-read book! 

Melanie Newton